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Who am I? And what are The Journals?

I'm a writer, and The Journals is a collection of my work and daily musings; or, journals. The pic: it's new. Most often, I write for publications and agencies but, almost always, just for you. If you like what you hear, read on.


Find me! I'm usually living here: @aa.saunders

That's my Instagram handle, and second home. Be the first to see what I'm working on; and any interesting content or reads found along the way. Not bragging... it's kinda good. See for yourself.


Current News! I wrote a thing. Check it out.

Most pieces I write stem from various fields and disciplines. Some articles weigh, some take flight. But they always leave a thought. Read on, and spark action and imagination with each page. Posts daily.


Hurry, Enroll! While there's still time!

Aside from living behind a keyboard, I also do teach: writing, branding, how to even keep a conversation flowing. (A lost skill of our time.) Learn more here before the next session closes. Or here, if you missed the first button.


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